Research Centre for Transnational Creativity and Education

The mission of the Research Centre for Transnational Creativity and Education (TRACE) is to support members to bring outstanding artistic work and ideas to the world stage. TRACE operates through a network of small labs, meet-ups, groups and studios. Our research outputs are as varied as the people that form this transnational network. But, collectively, our projects answer one key question: ‘what happens when people meet across borders to develop and share great ideas and art?’

TRACE is committed to supporting innovative projects that address the theme of ‘meeting and making across borders’. The core TRACE research team is based in the Tack Room at Corsham Court, Bath Spa University. From here we work with TRACE members to develop talent, produce new work, educate audiences and share replicable models. We want to support our members to produce original ideas and artworks, and to enable local and global audiences to access and participate in our projects for pleasure or for purpose. Over the next five years we’ll be working with our members to develop methods for shaping and mapping the creative journey of their cross-border projects. Amy’s book project, which documents a public event about world literature and includes a set of personal creative responses, is a great example of the type of project that we aim to support.

Bambo Soyinka: Chair and Director, TRACE

Amy Barrett’s conception for this project very much speaks to the approach and objectives of TRACE, with the anthology’s own commitment to exploring the movement of language, stories and creative writing across place using innovative digital technology. Here and There uses Book Kernel not only to document and engage with literary production’s relationship to translation through an event at the Bath Festival, but creates a platform for new writing and develops Amy’s own creative practice. It is a project that both maps and creates its own transnational network, and that we are proud to have supported through TRACE.

Kate Haines: Research Associate, TRACE

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