Here and There

This book has been split into three sections.

The first, Around the World in 10 Books – EU Special, covers the event on Saturday 27 May 2017. It features an introduction to the Around the World in Books series; biographies of Scott and Judith, who chaired the event; and a creative documentation of the event itself.

In Finding a Place, Chris Hendzel, the son of two first-generation Polish refugees, describes his upbringing, and how the Polish culture and religion affected him as a child, and how it continues to do so. Also in this section is a piece of my own creative writing inspired by Chris’s mother’s story. entitled February, 1940.

The third section, The Lives of Global Citizens,  includes a selection of submissions from writers all over the world, that were submitted in response to a brief calling for works on the theme of language, culture and translation.

Featured in this third section are pieces from a collection entitled ‘The We in I’ by Eleanor St Clair, Sabrin Hasbun and Camila Fuentes Diaz, who at the beginning of this year decided to undertake a project in transnational creativity. They presented the pieces that followed to the MRes Transnational Writing students at Bath Spa in January 2017.

This project started with the three writers each choosing a poem with the theme of talisman. These poems were also from their respective languages, Italian, Welsh and Spanish.
The original pieces were:

The Hand That Signed the Paper by Dylan Thomas
Mariposa De Otoño by Pablo Neruda
Ripenso Il Tuo Sorriso by Eugenio Montale

Then, they each took an idea or thought from these pieces and used them to write their own original pieces of poetry or prose. Finally, using these individual parts of writing Eleanor, Sabrin and Camila created a joint piece as 3TCreatives.

The individual pieces have been featured in this book in the correct section depending on their form. These were:

Breakaway (Prose) and Bad is There (Poetry) by Eleanor St Clair
Duele, Duelo (Poetry) by Camila Fuentes Diaz
The Crane (Prose) by Sabrin Hasbun
The We in I (Prose) by 3TCreatives

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  1. Sarah Thorpe on June 22, 2017 at 6:19 pm says:

    It’s been very thought provoking,I’m now wondering how many books I’ve read that have been translated. Thinking back I recall how all of my children enjoyed programmes such as Pingu and that the universal language of animation enabled them to understand stories beyond their native tongue.

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