Where I Was Born

Emi Miyaoka. Current location: Japan.

In a pedestrian crossing
I’m making eye contact with an office worker
Who is making a flying start
Yes, I also take you as an indicator

Lazy afternoon sunlight
In a limited provincial city
Sense of togetherness
That can’t take us anywhere

You said that after talking with others
You think, “I want to live”, I see
Why is that, I also think them lovable
Who are on grounds of their youth
Their futures are a taken delight, aren’t they?
At last the problem is the principle permission of exceptions in the value system
Also for us, certainly existing in this natural world

Like I don’t feel attachment to
This community where I was born and grew up, since I was a child
Surely, we are looking for
The shape of an unknown city

No such thing as Hamiltonian
Unfortunately, places are different
Sometimes approaching a Bayesian inference timidly
That person also would be grown up
Breathing a city’s air like us
Yes, like fishes of heaven
Living their lives intensely

We say, “ROBUST”
The spelling is an usual word for us

I still climb up and stand up
In this dear city



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