Queen of the Festival

Judith Robinson

“Without her, there would be no festival,” Scott sincerely states as he introduces Judith Robinson to the audience at the Around the World in 10 Books event at the Old Royal Theatre. Judith Robinson, short, brown hair, glasses, shirt tucked into her skirt, timidly smiles and waves to everyone.

Judith Robinson, the Head of Programming for the Bath Festivals, began working for the festivals back in May 2013. She books the talent, the venues, slots the events into a schedule, makes sure all the technical equipment is in place, discusses specific requirements that any of the authors may have, as well as drafts and monitors budgets, sets ticket prices and projects ticket sales. Basically, anything you can imagine that needs to be done to set up the festival, Judith is probably the mastermind behind.

“Last year we lured her out of her cave to come and talk at the Around the World in 10 Books event,” Scott Pack further explains. Judith had loved doing the event so much that she came back this year to join him in passionately sharing their beloved international books with everyone once more.

It’s very satisfying to see events taking place that I have worked on for months. It’s great to see our audience come out of an event and have a smile on their face or keep discussing the talk or debate with their friends and family – I like the idea that we inspire, entertain and inform people.


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