“This is from my home country, Deutschland” Judith holds up The Silent Death, “and it’s by Volker Kutscher.”

A brilliant read. If you love a good crime book, this is for you. It’s the more ‘commercial’ of my selection, and it could be gifted to anyone who is interested in the genre.

The Gereon Rath series, of which The Silent Death is the second installment, is actually being turned into a TV series by Sky at the moment.

A dark, brilliant story set in 1930s Berlin, The Silent Death is about the changing landscape of the German film industry since the introduction of sound into movies. Our main character is a police officer named Gereon Rath who has been sent to Berlin after making a huge mistake in his last precinct. Gereon is an officer on the case of the killer who has been murdering actresses.

There are also political undertones throughout, being at the time where Nazis are on the rise and with clashes between them and communists.


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