“Where are we going next, sir?” Scott asks the man again.

“France?” He offers.

Scott shakes his head “You are incorrect, I’m afraid!”

“We are going to Finland,” says Judith, “and I have chosen a young adult book for you”

“This book is by an author called Maria Turtschaninoff” Judith begins, “and if I’m not mistaken she is Finnish but writes in Swedish, and has collected quite a few literary awards in both countries.”

Maresi, our main character, is a sister in the red abbey, which is situated on an island with only a female population. One day a new girl joins them, which is not unusual, however this girl has an air of mystery. It transpires that she has fled her home country and arrived on the island to escape her abusive father, who has just killed her sister.

All the girls worry that the father will come to the island to kill his daughter, as he is relentless in his hate and anger.

You get this strong sense of a community of incredibly strong women who all have their own talents. Which in itself is a beautiful message, which really chimed with me as a juxtaposition of how we perceive ourselves today and judge each other on our appearances. In this community of women, everyone has their place no matter what they look like.


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