Bad is There

Eleanor St Clair.

When I think of our carefree thrills
Galloping through the steep welsh hills
Your Suffering, a talisman
Gave us reason to make that plan

But was our childhood so untrue?
You searched out that completely new.
How much will lasting pain dictate
How much of me you leave and hate?

Dedicated, secure, tradition
Husband, baby, job, religion
Treat us all like an old nightmare
You don’t need good, if bad is there.


I wrote this poem using a welsh structure. The cywydd is perhaps the best-known traditional Welsh verse form, and features heptasyllabic lines grouped in rhyming couplets. In each couplet, a stressed syllable in one line rhymes with an unstressed syllable in the other line. Of course, when writing in English it is much harder to achieve, but most of the rhymes follow this stressed/unstressed pattern.

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