A Vision of Japan

Matthew Thorpe-Coles. Current location: Bath, England.

Would the cherry blossoms
spring to life at the flutter
of my iris, or would the
punctual grey of Kyoto
drain my boyhood
visions of Japan?

As a child, I imagined
I was a geisha, spinning
in my front room with a
netting fashioned kimono
while my mother took
pictures and I composed.

Looking back it was easy
to see why they weren’t shocked.
No ‘normal’ boy prays
to Shinto gods or imagines
himself the matriarch of
a Japanese Imperial Court.

Now older, I realise
why no boys wished to be
a woman in Asia; overlooked.
Should I visit, would I find
a single woman’s struggle, too?
Would it turn out that
the choral flowers were
our lonely solace;
our shared blessing?

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